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Conspiracies: Conspiracy Theories: Government Cover Ups, Global Warming, Aliens & Unsolved Mysteries (Area 51, Unexplained Phenomena, Atlantis, The New World Order, False Flags, CIA, FBI) by Jack Lindberg


There is no doubt that some conspiracy theories have more than a grain of truth in them; however, it can be very difficult, if not impossible, to know which ones are true and which ones are just theories. In fact, many cannot be proven either way.
The internet has made the situation worse, once a conspiracy theory would be slowly built by those near the supposed events; over time spreading to a wider circle and slowly becoming part of common folklore. In fact, these types of conspiracy theory are constantly built on and elaborated to make them sound bigger and better than they previously were.

However, now a theory can be suggested on the internet and be global within minutes; it does not need to be particularly plausible or even have much foundation in any actual event. Literally anyone can start the theory and watch it build. This makes it more difficult to assess whether there is any truth in a theory or not.
This book is designed to look at how conspiracy theories come into existence, why they happen and what their purpose is. It also looks at the most famous government cover ups in history; there are many which are not mentioned but the ones that are should be enough to get you thinking.

The book touches on global warming and whether this is a genuine concept or simply another conspiracy. It also looks at one of the most favourite conspiracy theories; aliens and whether they really exist and are already living amongst us.

Finally, there are a range of mysteries which remain unsolved; some are responsible for conspiracy theories; some are simply mysteries in their own right. All of these have yet to be solved and may present just the challenge you are looking for.

The aim of this book is not to prove or disprove a specific theory; many of them require detailed research and you will still not have a definitive answer. Instead, it is important to be aware of the theories which already exist and the importance of questioning preconceived facts. Just because something is marked as a conspiracy theory does not mean it did not happen, or that it did. You will need to make your own mind up on each theory!

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