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Deep Trance Identification by Shawn Carson
  • Deep Trance Identification: Unconscious Modeling and Mastery for Hypnosis Practitioners, Coaches, and Everyday People by Shawn Carson


    “This book by Carson, Marion, and Overdurf is an excellent exploration of the extraordinary trance process of deep trance identification.

    It is thorough, practical, and clear thereby providing and excellent guide for those seeking far- reaching transformational change. I highly recommend it”

    Stephen Gilligan Ph.D
    Generative Trance.

    Deep Trance Identification (DTI) has captivated the imagination of hypnotists since the mid 20th century. DTI has been used by countless modelers to master hypnosis skills, musical and acting abilities, emotional transformation, and so much more.

    Historically very little is written about DTI despite it being at the heart of all unconscious learning and transformation. For the first time DTI is presented here in a practical and easily understandable way.

    Shawn Carson, Jess Marion, and John Overdurf have dedicated years to studying and using DTI and in this book they share their discoveries.

    They present the art and neuroscience of this hypnotic phenomenon and explain how you can use this modality to change your life and the lives of your clients.

    Deep Trance Identification presents an elegant model for using DTI and outlines comprehensive techniques that make the DTI experience deeply transformative.

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