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DSLR Photography: 55 Beginners Secrets To Making The Best Shots With Your Digital Camera (DSLR Photography, DSLR, Photography Tips)


DSLR Photography - Bobby PerkinsThis is an intuitive, step-by-step guide to becoming a DSLR expert from scratch. Presented in a simplistic, understandable way, it will guide the DSLR newbie from the very first steps of holding the camera right through to having a portfolio of compelling, professional looking photographs without needing to stretch the budget for more expensive equipment.

Through 55 practical steps, this book will learn you how to:

  • Choose the right hardware and use it properly
  • Apply the right auto settings for a shoot
  • Make use of the manual setting for more personalized control
  • Arrange a good composition to photograph
  • Execute shots in a range of styles and techniques
  • Edit shots in post production to fulfill their potential

If you’re just graduating from a basic digital camera to a DSLR, but have no experience or training in how to use one, this is the perfect book to carry you through to becoming an expert!

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Categories:   Art, Architecture & Photography, Nonfiction