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Hibernian Charm by Dean F. Wilson


Hibernian Charm by Dean F. Wilson (Hibernian Hollows #2)
English | 2017 | Fantasy | ePUB | 210 KB

A tense urban fantasy mystery with charm!
Melanie Rosen hasn’t settled for much, but her travels have brought her to Dublin, Ireland, where she works for the Occult Investigations Unit, exploring the strange and unknown.
Her fiery disposition and tendency to probe where she’s not wanted keep her in the office with the paperwork, or chasing cases that don’t seem to have an answer.
Then she gets a new case, where a killer slowly paralyses his victims, and leaves a calling card behind: a charm. Her Romani-Irish roots might come in useful, but the more she probes this case, the more she doesn’t like the answer. All the clues keep pointing back to her.

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Categories:   Science Fiction & Fantasy