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Hoarfrost by J.L. Murray
  • Hoarfrost by J.L. Murray (Blood of Cain #2)
    English | 2017 | Fantasy | ePUB | 284 KB

    “The Mother of Hearts is here.”
    Plagued with terrifying visions and hounded by wraiths, Frankie Mourning is on the run again. Afraid she will hurt Thomas Dekker, she goes off on her own and does what she does best: killing the killers. But Dekker needs her help. Corpses are washing up onto the Oregon coast, frozen solid and covered in hoarfrost. And their hearts are missing.
    As Frankie and Dekker delve deeper into the mystery, things get stranger. Frozen oceans; a woman who bursts into flame; holes in the fabric of reality; a shapeshifter; and a horrifying woman in a white shroud who claims she wants to help. Despite herself, Frankie finds herself closer to Dekker than ever, but her frightening power and terrifying visions grow stronger, threatening to hurt the last person alive she loves, along with anyone who gets in her way.
    But Dekker has a secret of his own, and it might just tear Frankie apart. If she can’t keep it together, she’s not sure what she’s capable of. Though a dwindling group of gods seem to think she could be the salvation the world needs…or the catalyst of its destruction.

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    Categories:   Science Fiction & Fantasy