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Hope Falls: Getting His Hopes Up


Getting His Hopes Up by Erin NicholasDr. Jason Gilmore is back in Hope Falls, California, for the reading of the will of his mentor, David Hansen. Jason expects a small memento from the man he considered a father figure. He gets far more—including the task of sorting through David’s belongings with the help of his beautiful, sassy daughter, Tara.

Who just happens to be the woman with whom Jason had a hot, spontaneous encounter in a bar storeroom the night before.


And amazing.

Like all the residents of Hope Falls, Tara grew up adoring Dr. David Hansen, which made learning he was her dad—just days before his death—feel like the ultimate betrayal. She wants nothing from the man who cheated her out of having a father, and even less from his adoring ex-student. Too bad she can’t get Jason’s kisses out of her head.

Forced to work in close quarters, Tara and Jason succumb to their scorching chemistry as they sift through David’s life, learning things about him neither knew—both good and bad. As Tara’s bitterness toward her father fades, Jason’s admiration for the man also dims. Discovering his role model was a flawed human after all has Jason questioning his judgment in other areas…like his feelings for the man’s daughter.

Is his attraction to Tara the real deal? Or is Jason just getting his hopes up?

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