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IsleSong Series by Marc Secchia (1, 2 & 3)
  • IsleSong Series by Marc Secchia (1, 2 & 3)

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    Here be Sea-Dragons and salty adventure … be warned, wayfarer. Sail these waters at your peril.

    I sang to the Sea; She sang back to me,
    Tales and travails wreathed in mystery.

    Imagine an island world where the seas seethe with dangerous creatures, where those rare men and women called Bard-Navigators have learned to sing Whales to protect their ships.

    Only on the wings of Bardsong can ships avoid the Sea-Dragons and travel the great gulf between the Atolls scattered across the World-Sea.

    Zhialeiana has an astonishing gift of song. She can sing the unique songs of the mighty and magical creatures of the World-Sea.

    She can touch their souls. When her gift is discovered at her mother’s funeral, the current of her life begins to sweep her to a future that she could never have imagined. She must navigate both opportunity and danger, and lay her life on the line for the Whales she loves.

    But Zhialeiana also has a toxic secret – a secret that will force her to undertake a journey beyond faith, beyond all hope, and beyond the World-Sea.

    Prepare to be swept away to a magnificent ocean world where danger can, and does, lurk beneath any wave.

    Series Note
    The Islesong series is set in the same world as my bestselling Shapeshifter Dragons series – Aranya, the Pygmy Dragon and Dragonfriend. What deep Dragon secrets underpin the enmity between the Sea-Dragons and the mighty Whales of this maritime world?

    You will need to dive deep, dear reader! Dive deep, and discover the astonishing secrets and musical magic of the Island-World with Zhialeiana, the Girl who Sang with Whales.

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