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Out to Launch by Colin Thompson


Out to Launch (Watch This Space, #1) by Colin Thompson

Format: ePUB

In this hilarious all new off-the-planet series, a reality TV director comes up with the perfect show idea: sending a family to live on the moon!

Radius Limpfast is one of the world’s richest men. His reality TV shows have made him billions. The next series is always greater than the one before, and yet he is never satisfied.

Then one night, after a particularly creative bacon curry, Radius dreams up the ultimate reality show. No matter whatever anyone else comes up with, they will never be able to top it.

Radius is going to send a family to the moon.

Limpfast TV will pick an ordinary family, just like yours, build a rocket and a big glass dome, and put them all together on the moon. The whole world will tune in to watch.

This will be reality TV at its finest.

What could possibly go wrong?

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