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Planet X and Our Solar System by Dr. Claudia Albers Ph.D.
  • Planet X and Our Solar System: They don’t want you to know the truth by Dr. Claudia Albers Ph.D. Scott C’one; Scott C’one

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    Dr. Albers is a former Professor of Physics with a 17-year career in lecturing and teaching. She holds five degrees in her field of study and she is currently the only outspoken scientist willing to expose Planet X and the potential damages to Earth.

    Dr. Albers has published numerous books and articles detailing the scientific and observational evidence that she has uncovered since 2016.

    Her fellow researcher and investigator Scott C’one has been on the case of Planet X since his early college years dating back to 1990.

    His discoveries in 2016, 2017 and 2018 have become groundbreaking hardcore evidence of the existence of stellar bodies that have been captured by the Sun.

    He has also produced over 1400 videos detailing and exposing this evidence and his videos are available on his Youtube Channel Planet X News.

    You can also review Dr. Albers’ video reports on her Youtube Channel Planet X Physicist.

    Dr. Claudia Albers and Scott C’one lead the way in Planet X Research and their investigations have lead to exposing The Biggest Cover-Up in World History.

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