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Quantum Physics of Time: Cosmology, Brain, Mind, and Time Travel


Quantum Physics of TimeContents
I: Time, Reality, Temporal Non-Locality Vendanta, Upanishads and Quantum Mechanics
1. The Nature of Reality, the Self, Time, Space and Experience
2. Perceived Reality, Quantum Mechanics, and Consciousness

II: Brain, Mind, Cosmology, Causality, and Time
3. Space, Time and Consciousness
4. Many Mansions: Special Relativity, Higher-Dimensional Space, Neuroscience, Consciousness and Time
5. Brain, Consciousness, and Causality
6. Time, Altered States of Consciousness, And Neuroscience
7. Consciousness of Continuity
8. The Observer’s Now, Past and Future in Physics from a Psycho-Biological Perspective
9. Mental Time Travel: How The Mind Escapes From The Present
10. How the Mind Escapes from the Present
11. Mental Time Travel And The Self-Concept
12. Continuity In Hippocampal Function As A Constraint On The Convergent Evolution Of Episodic-Like Cognition
13. The Theory of MindTime

III. Quantum Physics, Relativity, Retrocausation, Precognition, Multiple Dimensions, Entanglement, and Conscious Time
14. The Time Machine of Consciousness. Past Present Future Exist Simultaneously. Entanglement, Quantum Time, Dream Time, PreCognition, Retrocausation, Deja Vu, and Premonitions
15. Synchronicity, Entanglement, Quantum Information and the Psyche

IV. Uncertainty Principle, Multiple Worlds, Wave Functions, Entanglement, Violations of Causality, and Paradoxes of Time Travel
16. Classical Anthropic Everett Model: Indeterminacy in a Preordained Multiverse
17. Quantum Paradoxes of Time Travel: The Uncertainty Principle, Wave Function, Probability, Entanglement, and Multiple Worlds

V. Time Travel Through Black Holes and Worm Holes
18. Time Travel Through Black Holes and Worm Holes in the Fabric of Space-Time

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