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Rasputin’s Legacy by Lee Jackson


Rasputin’s Legacy by Lee Jackson
English | 2017 | Historical Thriller | ePUB | 517 KB

“Wow!. A must read.” 
Joe Galloway, NYT Bestselling Author.

A backdrop to betrayal. A playground for power. A rogue Russian general stages a coup. His goal: the Russian arsenal. Nuclear annihilation menaces. To stop him, the US president sends covert operator Atcho deep inside Siberia cloaked as a Russian intelligence officer. A relentless investigative reporter threatens his mission. Worse yet, Atcho’s beautiful fiancée, a former CIA operative, goes rogue to save him. A nail biter that Carmine Zozzora, producer of Die Hard with a Vengeance calls, “Pure Gold.”

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Categories:   Mystery & Thriller