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Rebel World (Eternal Frontier #4) by Anthony J. Melchiorri


Rebel World (Eternal Frontier #4) by Anthony J. Melchiorri

Rebel World (Eternal Frontier #4) by Anthony J. Melchiorri EPUB

Captain Tag Brewer saved the Mechanics. He even handed them the key to victory against the Collectors. But now the Mechanics want his blood.

They aren’t the only ones.

When Tag returns to the SRE, he isn’t given a hero’s welcome. He is treated like a criminal. They suspect him of working for the Collectors. He finds himself mired in a plot that threatens to tear humanity apart. His only hope of quelling their suspicions and unifying the SRE is to follow a mysterious lead to an SRE colony planet where rebellion seems all but inevitable.

But someone else has plans for this world and for Tag…

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