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Relentless Sons by Joshua Guess
  • Relentless Sons by Joshua Guess

    Relentless Sons (Beyond The Fall Book 1) by Joshua Guess EPUB

    In this sequel series to The Fall, the stakes have grown smaller but more personal.

    Mason has survived more than almost anyone alive, and in a world destroyed by the living dead that’s really saying something. Through wars, suicide missions, and the apocalypse itself, he has barely died at all. Really, just that one time and it almost doesn’t count.

    A few months after helping secure a treaty for Haven, the community of survivors he spent years fighting and killing to protect, a threat to the newfound peace rises up from the overgrown roads and hidden byways between Haven and its new ally. A group of marauders unlike anything they’ve ever faced preys on travelers, including immigrants trying to start a new life in Mason’s adopted home.

    When an enemy has to be taken out quietly, he’s the man you call.

    With a small team of trusted friends, Mason braves the endless swarms of the living dead to fight his way toward the human predators stalking his people. And he knows just one way to deal with threats.

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