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Sunsetters (Volume 1)


Sylver Belle Garcia - SunsettersOn the night of Jeweliette Lovelan’s fourth birthday, her parent’s tried to murder her. They were convinced that she was not of this world.

Lost in the foster care system, her life continues to spiral downhill until a visit from a strange woman one day. Jeweliette is instantly drawn to the woman and feels as if she has met her before but has she?

Jeweliette relocates to the small mountainous town of Cashier’s, North Carolina where she meets the bewitching and enigmatic William Knight. Each encounter leaves Jeweliette yearning to know more about the mysterious William until one day he reveals to her a dark secret about them both.

Jeweliette is about to venture into an enchanting world that is magically hidden, a place that it is both alluring and dangerous. She will soon discover who she is and leave her old life behind. However, death is lurking around the corner once again for Jeweliette and her time is running out…

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Categories:   Fiction & Literature