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Ten Lows A-Leaping by Debra Dunbar


Ten Lows A-Leaping by Debra Dunbar (Imp World #15.5)
English | 2017 | Urban Fantasy | ePUB | 158 KB

Beatrix has to work on Christmas Day.
There are no holiday’s off for a Guardian Angel tasked with ensuring demons don’t crossover from the Gates to Hel, even when you’ve got PTSD and are subject to panic attacks from that time last year when a psychotic demon slaughtered two angels in front of you, destroyed the mall where the Gate to Hel was located, and left you pinned to the rubble with a steel beam through your wings.
The only way Beatrix is managing to get through each day is the little gifts someone keeps leaving for her. The countdown to Christmas is on, there’s no telling what gift her Secret Santa will leave when the number reaches one.

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Categories:   Science Fiction & Fantasy