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The Art of Comedy: Getting Serious About Being Funny


The Art of Comedy - Paul RyanDyin’ out there? Learn how to act funny from a top Hollywood expert.

Want to know a secret? Sssshhhh. Great comedy actors aren’t born…they’re made. Who makes them? Paul Ryan, that’s who. Now Ryan, the top comedy acting coach in Hollywood, shares his secrets in The Art of Comedy, a step-by-step guide for turning actors into comedy actors.

Packed with exercises, The Art of Comedy explains exactly how to build a character, how to incorporate improvisation into a written scene, where to turn for comic inspiration, and how to increase your comedic imagination.

Also included is a technical analysis of comedy greats from Milton Berle to Jerry Seinfeld. For anyone who wants to work in film, in television, or in community theater, here’s the complete guide to acting funny.

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