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The Joy of Craft: A Paradoxical Approach for Learning to Do Things Well


The Joy of Craft_ A Paradoxical Approach for Learning to Do Things Well by Zane Kenneth ClaesMoney equals happiness. Success means satisfaction. Or so the world tells us. Creativity, achievement, and rewards will leave us empty if we don’t find joy in the pursuit of these things. And many of us don’t, despite our hopeful expectations.

Is joy some mystical state that real-world people can’t find in today’s workplace? Is it a personal attribute that some of us are just born with and others aren’t? Or is it something we can all pursue, if we know what we’re looking for and how to get there?

In The Joy of Craft, Zane Claes takes on us on a journey toward joy. Claes examines practical things like motivation, time management, and money and dovetails them with more emotional elements like failure, risk taking, and dedication to show us how joy and satisfaction are more than black-and-white goals to be checked off life’s to-do list.

A well-researched, thoughtfully written book, The Joy of Craft will have you viewing your job, your money, your time, your life in a whole new light—the light of joy.

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